University Hospitals – Fairlawn Health Center

Buildout of 12 new medical office suites, including:

  • Urgent care suite and parking expansion
  • Laboratory, CT, and X-ray testing suite
  • Radiology and endoscopy procedure suite with medical gases
  • Physical therapy
  • Children’s medical group
  • Copley Medical Group
  • Fairlawn Internal Medicine
  • UHPS specialty clinic
  • Two concierge offices


University Hospitals – Fairlawn Health Center



Build-Out Work for 12 New Medical Office Suites, Urgent Care Suite and Parking Expansion, Laboratory, CT, and X-Ray Testing Suite, Radiology, Endoscopy Procedure Suite with Medical Gases, Physical Therapy, Children’s Medical Group, Copley Medical Group, Fairlawn Internal Medicine, UHPS Specialty Clinic, Two Concierge Offices


27,000 sq. ft.


3800 Embassy Pkwy, Fairlawn, OH
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